CoffeeSock Coffee Filters

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#4 cone filter - Includes 2 filters
#4 cone filter - Includes 2 filters
Basket Filters - Includes 2 filters
Basket Filters - Includes 2 filters
#2 Cone Filter (includes 2 filters)
#2 Cone Filter (includes 2 filters)
Chemyx Filters - Includes 2 filters
Chemyx Filters - Includes 2 filters
Coldbrew Filter
Coldbrew Filter

CoffeeSock filters are made of organically grown, untreated cotton. Completely reusable meaning less waste and less cost. Designed and tested for use in coffee brewing systems that require #2 and #4 cone filters, basket filters and Chemex filters. There is even a ColdBrew filter for making iced coffee.

Not only are CoffeeSock Filters eco-friendly and sustainable, they also make superior coffee.

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Additional Information

#2 Drip Style 

  • To Fit: Melitta,  Bee House, Machine Auto-Brew: 3 Cup
  • Brew Method: Pour Over, Machine Auto-Brew
  • Two Filters Per Pack

#4 Drip Style 

  • To Fit: Melitta, Clever, Bonavita, Machine Auto-Brew: 6-12 Cup
  • Brew Method: Pour Over, Machine Auto-Brew
  • Two Filters Per Pack

Basket Style 

  • To Fit: Machine Auto-Brew: 6-12 Cup
  • Brew Method: Machine Auto-Brew
  • Two Filters Per Pack

Chemex Style

  • To Fit: 6 Cup Chemex, 8 Cup Chemex, 10 Cup Chemex, also fits Hario v60
  • Brew Method: Pour Over
  • Two Filters Per Pack

Cold Brew Filter

  • To Fit: 32 Ounce Mason Jar, 64 Ounce Mason Jar
  • Brew Method: ColdBrew 6-10 Hour, ColdBrew 12-18 Hour
  • Included: One Filter
Washing Instructions
  • Empty CoffeeSock of used grounds. (Grounds are a great addition to your compost)
  • Turn CoffeeSock inside out and rinse remaining grounds into disposal, or catch in drain screen and add to compost
  • Thoroughly rinse CoffeeSock and squeeze out excess water
  • Hang to dry thoroughly before next use
  • Use second filter while other is drying
  • No further cleaning is necessary, mild, unscented detergents are ok if you wish, but not recommended
  • If filter is especially dirty or has been exposed to food or other potential contaminants, it may be further sanitized by boiling in fresh water for at least 5 minutes, or placed in a bowl of water and placed in a microwave on high for at least 5 minutes
Care Instructions
  • Boil new filters in fresh water for 10 minutes to pre-shrink before first use
  • Filters will continue to shrink slightly for the next few uses and will produce best quality brew from then on 
  • CoffeeSock filters should last for 9 months to a year with regular use
  • Replace filters when richness of brew begins to decrease.
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