AppleCheeks Bamboo Insert

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AppleCheeks Bamboo Insert

Layers of rayon from bamboo/organic cotton give you outstanding absorbency. This insert is available in either 2 or 3 layers and can be combined with other inserts or boosters to customize absorbency.

Bamboo is perfect for the heaviest of wetters as it quickly absorbs and retains twice as much moisture as cotton alone for its weight. Bamboo’s naturally anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and organic properties make it a healthy choice for your baby and the environment.

  • Fold the 2-layer insert into thirds to get 6 layers for everyday use
  • Fold the 3-layer insert into thirds to get 9 layers for nighttime use, or for heavy wetters
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Additional Information
  • The 2-layer and 3-layer inserts can be used in both Size 1 and  Size 2 AppleCheeks Envelope Covers
  • The X-Large 3-layer inserts are perfect for the Size 3 and Size 4 AppleCheeks Envelope Covers
  • Lay insert on top of the fleece, or stuff it into the pocket to use as an all-in-one diaper
Washing Instructions
  • Inserts can be washed with your cloth diapers using a cloth diaper safe detergent.
  • Inserts can be hung to dry, or dried in your dryer on hot.
  • If you hang inserts to dry, they dry a little stiff. This does not affect the absorbency, however, a few minutes in the dryer will soften them up again.
Size Information
  • 2-layer and 3-layer Bamboo: approximately 12" x 15"
  • XL 3-layer Bamboo: approximately 19" x 17"
  • Inserts are not pre-shrunk and will shrink with washing
Instructions for Use
  • Bamboo inserts should be washed three times on hot and dried once on hot to ensure optimal absorbency
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