Sustainability Statement

We believe there are simple choices we can make every day that will help our world become a better place to live in. By taking small steps to gradually replace conventional products with healthier alternatives we can work towards finding a sustainable future for generations to come.

Green Ninja offers environmentally-friendly and safe products that support our customers making positive choices for themselves, their family and the planet. These products are carefully sourced and often used by our own family. When possible, we provide products that are locally and/or ethically made, organic, non-toxic, fairly traded, vegan, sweat-shop free and/or cruelty free.

Green Ninja is more than an eco-friendly store selling eco-friendly products. We have gone to great lengths to reduce the impact of our activities on the environment. Here are a few ways we incorporate sustainability into our business:

Carbon offsets

  • Green Ninja offsets the shipping of orders we place with product distributors when available.
  • We also make monthly offset purchases with Carbonzero, a Canadian provider of carbon emission reduction offsets.
  • To help our customers reduce their own environmental footprint, we provide the option to offset individual orders when selecting shipping methods. These payments are collected and combined with our monthly offset purchase.
  • A record of Green Ninja offsets can be found below:

Green energy

  • Green Ninja is completely powered using Bullfrog Power, a Canadian green electricity provider that sources electricity exclusively from wind and low-impact water power producers.
  • The servers that support the Green Ninja website are also powered with 100% green electricity and run super efficiently using liquid cooling with no need for air-conditioning.

Zero waste paradigm

  • All packing materials are either recycled or recyclable. When possible, we use boxes, packing peanuts and bubble wrap from shipments we received. We also use boxes from around the house and shredded documents for packing. No trees were harmed in the packaging of your products.
  • All our business furniture is either recycled or reclaimed.
  • To eliminate printed correspondence, we use an e-commerce based website and invoices are emailed. Our comprehensive website provides detailed information on all our products to eliminate the need for printed catalogs . The minimal printing that is done is on 100% post consumer recycled or reclaimed paper.

Investing in our future

  • 1% of all profits are donated to the David Suzuki Foundation. If you've never heard of this great Canadian, do yourself a favour and take a few minutes to read about him and his foundation. This world could use more folks like him.
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