Green Ninja offers an affiliate program which all of our users are free to participate in. By posting your affiliate links where they can be easily found, you will earn rewards when others use your links to place their orders.

Here's how it works...

As you browse the Green Ninja website after logging in, you will find affiliate link buttons alongside the social media sharing widgets. The affiliate link button looks like this: Click or tap the affiliate link button and you will receive your affiliate link, as well as widgets to copy and share. Once you have copied your affiliate link for a Green Ninja webpage, you can mail or share or post your link wherever you wish for others to discover. After a customer uses one of your affiliate links to arrive at Green Ninja and finishes placing their order, you will instantly earn a percentage of the order total according to the following rates:

Order Total Earn Rate
$99.99 or less 5 %
between $100.00 and $299.99 7 %
$300.00 or more 10 %

  • Participation in the Green Ninja affiliate link program is open to all Green Ninja users - no application or approval period is required.
  • To help manage your affiliate links, you will find a dashboard available under the Affiliate links heading on your user page.
  • When a customer arrives at the Green Ninja website via one of your affiliate links, the Visits section of your affiliate links dashboard will indicate the new visit occurred.
  • After a customer visits an affiliate link, they have 24 hours to complete their purchase in order for you to be credited. Pending orders which have yet to be completed and fall within this 24 hour period will appear in the Leads portion of your affiliate links dashboard. Pending orders which fall outside the 24 hour period will not result in any earnings.
  • There is an Earned section of the affiliate links dashboard that indicates how many points have been earned by your affiliate links.
  • A listing of how many visits each of your affiliate links attracted is also provided on your affiliate links dashboard so you can see which links are popular, and which links need more promotion.
  • You will know how many affiliate links result in visits, leads and orders, but you will not know the identity of the customers who make use of your affiliate links.
  • When it is you who completes an order with Green Ninja that originated from one of your own affiliate links, you will not be awarded affiliate points. However, you are free to make use of the affiliate links for other Green Ninja users who are participating in our affiliate link program. In this case, the other Green Ninja user will be awarded the points earned from your order once you complete it.
  • There is no limit to the number of affiliate links you choose to share.
  • You can mail or share or post your affiliate links anywhere you have permission to do so. All we ask is that you abide by the acceptable use policy of the hosts you are posting on, and please not attempt to hide the fact that you are posting an affiliate link.
  • Earning points by completed orders which originate via affiliate links that are deemed by Green Ninja to be posted or shared in violation of applicable acceptable use policies will result in the affiliate user losing their ability to earn points from their affiliate links and the earned points being revoked.

If you have any questions regarding the Green Ninja affiliates program, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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