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I was introduced to Colibri Wet Bags and Snack Bags at a baby shower. The mother-to-be was presented with an assortment of gifts that were wrapped in various sizes of colourful, reusable bags. While the gift assortment was thoughtful and appreciated, it was the gift wrapping that won the day. The shower festivities were put on pause as we all discussed the endless possibilities for these reuseable, sealable, water-resistant wonders.

Green Ninja is proud to be a Canadian company. We are also proud to carry world-class products made right here at home. Founded in 1988, Bummis is one of a number of amazing Canadian companies we offer. Their eco-friendly, ethically made products have been available here at Green Ninja since the day we opened. They were also the very first cloth diapers to be christened by our testing team. Yes, Bummis have been on my babies’ bottoms from day one.

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