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At Green Ninja we are constantly trying to help our customers get a great deal. And despite sounding clichéd, we believe that the only thing better than getting something great is giving something great.

An entire year has passed since we introduced our rewards points program, and it has been the best year ever at Green Ninja. The helpful tips and ideas in our Treading Lightly blog are referenced daily, and our catalog of eco-friendly products has continued to grow almost as fast as our list of satisified customers. As 2015 draws to a close and we pause to look back, it really is encouraging to see how many of you shop with Green Ninja and then return to enjoy the reward points you've earned. To all of you we humbly say, thank you!

And as we enter the season of giving, we would like to Share the Love and officially announce our brand new Green Ninja Referrals program. Our customers can now refer Green Ninja to others and earn extra rewards points on top of the points they already get for shopping with Green Ninja!

What's that you say - "refer Green Ninja to others and earn extra reward points?"

Some helpful questions and answers must be in order:

So you're saying I can earn Green Ninja points just for referring customers?
Yes, we've made it easier than ever for you to recommend Green Ninja to others. And since giving is better than getting, you will earn some extra Green Ninja reward points in the process.
Fantastic! How do I get started?
It's super easy. Qualifying orders from Green Ninja will be packaged with a postcard like the one pictured here. On the postcard will be a unique QR Code and a corresponding website. Just scan the code or visit the website directly and you're off and running.
OK, so I get to the website. Then what?
On the website is a referral discount code that you can share with someone else so they can save on their next order at Green Ninja.
How do I share the referral discount code with someone else?
You are free to use any method you prefer. We've included buttons on the website to share the discount code using some popular social media networks (eg: Facebook, Twitter, Google+), and there is a webform where you can send an email with the referral discount directly to a friend. But if you want to use another way to share the discount code, go right ahead.
Fair enough. So after I share the discount code, when do I earn reward points?
Once the discount code you share is redeemed you will automatically earn your reward points. We'll send you a quick email letting you know once the code has been redeemed.
Makes sense. But who can I share the discount code with?
Anybody other than the original customer can redeem a Green Ninja referral discount code. You could share the code on a Facebook post and have one of your old highschool friends use the discount. Or maybe Uncle Owen could use some natural skin-care products? Or perhaps the kids at Aunt Ginny's daycare would enjoy some new creative toys? It really doesn't matter who you share the discount with.
Ahhh, but that person has to be a new customer to be eligible, right?
No, they can be an existing Green Ninja customer or a new one. Many retailers force their referral participants to be new customers, but our program does not have that restriction. Why limit a good thing? If you want to share a referral code with a friend or with someone you don't even know, please feel free. Once someone redeems the referral discount, you will automatically earn your reward points. Everybody wins!
Someone sent me a referral discount code. Am I able to use it?
As long as only one referral discount is redeemed per order, you're free to use it without any restrictions. You can combine the referral discount code with any other discount, such as your Green Ninja Points if you are a returning user, or discount codes from a gift card. As soon as you redeem the referral discount code, the original customer will earn their extra Green Ninja reward points.
How much are the referral discounts worth?
Great question. The amount a referral discount is worth will be indicated on the unique website where you share the discount code. It is also displayed in the email sent directly to a friend if you share that way. When a user enters the code during the checkout process, they'll also see how much the discount is worth.
Sounds good. How much do I earn when someone redeems a discount I shared?
Even better question! The number of Green Ninja Points you earn when someone redeems the discount you share will vary depending on your original order. Typically the larger the original order, the more reward points you will earn.
So this appears to be a pretty great deal. Any catch?
Well, it's not really a catch, but referral discount codes work one-time on a first-come, first-serve basis. Maybe we should wrap this up...

After another exciting year at Green Ninja, it was obvious that our existing customers loved their Green Ninja reward points. Now that you can earn additional points for referring friends, we hope the Green Ninja family can continue to grow as we all do our part to Tread Lightly. We think the best is yet to come.

Share the Love.

During the COVID-19 pandemic,
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Please be safe!
The Green Ninja Team