Mother's Day

To me, Mother's Day is not about what you get, it's about what you already have. Mother's Day is for my own mother who made me who I am today. And it's ultimately all about my children.

Everybody knows that being a mother can be tough, and there are times when it feels like absolutely every minute of every day is spent helping children navigate through their crazy little worlds. But I know that my mother did this for me when I was young, and I know how important it is that I do the same for my children. When parenting gets overwhelming, I remind myself that I'll have plenty of time for myself when the kids are older and less dependent, including all those things I put on hold when I became a mother. I appreciate my little ones and all their curious, messy, busy, craziness. And I appreciate my own mother for what she did for me when I was a 5 year old ball of energy who left a path of time-sucking destruction everywhere I went.

On this Mother's Day, I had breakfast in bed and opened an assortment of home-made arts and crafts. I love these things more than anything you could buy at a store. To me, receiving these simple, loving gifts beats a manicure and spa lunch in white robes any day. It's about those moments that we've all experienced that makes you forget the sharpie art on your hardwood floors and appreciate being the mother of that little artist. No one said being a mother is easy. Rewarding and fulfilling, but definitely not easy.

That being said, there were absolutely no arguments from me when my loving and very brave husband packed up all the kids with sunscreen and a picnic lunch and told me he'd be back in 4 hours. I LOVE my kids, but on this Mother's Day, I am enjoying the peaceful productively I so rarely have.