Colibri Reusable Bags: Product Review

I was introduced to Colibri Wet Bags and Snack Bags at a baby shower. The mother-to-be was presented with an assortment of gifts that were wrapped in various sizes of colourful, reusable bags. While the gift assortment was thoughtful and appreciated, it was the gift wrapping that won the day. The shower festivities were put on pause as we all discussed the endless possibilities for these reuseable, sealable, water-resistant wonders.

Formally called the Sling Sisters, Colibri is a Canadian Company, owned and operated by 2 fabulous sisters who do all the designing and manufacturing at their home in Manitoba. Their bags have beautiful cotton exteriors featuring a huge variety of amazing prints to suit any taste, décor, or child's preferences. With fresh new colours and prints being released every few months, there is a fabulous selection for everybody: kids, adults, nature-lovers, animal-lovers, musicians, super-heros, ... ninjas!

Colibri Snack Bags have a nylon inner liner that is water-resistant to keep moisture in. The durable zippers are CPSIA tested lead- and nickel-free, and the bags themselves contain no BPA and are approved as food safe by the FDA. The snack bags come in 3 sizes: Large, Small, and Wide, and can fit pretty much any type of snack conceivable. But here's the thing: they can be used for so much more than snacks! I find the Wide snack bags are perfect for tooth brushes, swim-goggles, sunglasses, pens or pencils. Large bags are great for carrying a camera, phone, or toys. And the Small bags are ideal for packing credit cards, jewelery, and crayons while on the go. These bags are a lifesafer in your purse or diaper bag to keep things organized and easy to find.

While the snack bags are water resistant, the wet bags are virtually water-proof, and are just as versatile and practical. The inner liner is made of water-proof Polyurethane Laminate (PUL) so it will hold in moisture from wet bathing suits, dirty cloth diapers, or sweaty gym gear. The Original Wet Bag comes in X-large and Regular sizes, and the Double Duty Wet Bag is available in Regular and Mini sizes. Both feature the same adorable cotton exterior colours and prints, along with the durable lead- and nickel-free zippers. All wet bags (with the exception of the Mini Double Duty) have straps or handles for attaching the bag to a stroller or for hanging on a door knob or hook. The X-Large wet bag even has a second handle that can be unsnapped and attached to make a larger loop or handle. The Double Duty Wet Bags have the ultimate feature: a front pocket to keep items separated. Perfect for the gym, swimming lessons, diaper bag, camping, travel or at home. The Mini Double Duty bags are perfect for Mama Cloth and Menstrual Cups. One pocket for clean, the other for used. These bags can handle anything you can throw at them; wet or dry, clean or dirty!

Colibri Reusable Bags are super-durable. Since I started using Colibri snack bags, I cannot remember the last time I disposed of a plastic sandwich baggy. Instead of boring, single-use plastic bags and wrap, our drawer is filled with these colourful, reusable beauties. I send at least 2 or 3 in each of my kids lunches, my husband uses a few more in his lunch, and my little guy doesn't consider a snack a snack unless it comes in his bag. At the end of the day, I shake out the crumbs and they're ready to be reused the next day. When they get dirty, I simply toss them in the laundry along with the rest of the wash. I never leave home without my Double Duty Wet Bags: clean cloth diapers and wipes go in the front pocket, and dirty ones in the inside pocket. And they are a must have for swimming lessons: dry things stay dry thanks to the wet swimsuit compartment. When you get home, just toss the dirty clothes or diapers in the wash along with the wet bag. Easy! I have been using the same bags for years. After countless snacks, diapers, and washes, they still look brand new.

These eco-friendly, durable bags are truly amazing. But be warned: matching Colibri bags with S'well Bottles can become highly addictive!